In this project you will design and prototype a user-centred application using wireframes and other industry relevant research/problem solving tools, and develop a pitch-ready concept. You should be exploring modern mobile operating systems, building on their Human interface guidelines (HIGs) and paying attention to what information will engage your users and how they will interact with it. You will also need to develop a coherent and distinct visual identity that is appropriate for your application and audience. Your design process is important and you will be assessed on this using a series of tasks throughout the project. 
Client Scenario:
A well-funded start-up is looking to expand into the food industry by finding and solving a real user problem. Your task is to identify and research a problem, and produce a prototype ‘flow’ that showcases both the user experience (UX) and user interface (UI) design decisions to pitch your concept to a potential investor. 
Client Facing Report: 

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