Viu Systems is a customer feedback platform designed primarily for businesses in the automotive trade, enabling them to gain valuable insights into their customers' experiences.

The subscription-based service can be seamlessly integrated into an existing brand's e-commerce journey. For this reason, it was essential to strike a balance between maintaining Viu's own brand identity, ensuring it's evident yet subtle as to not compete with the client's own site.

Viu Systems is a customer feedback platform that allows businesses, particularly in the automotive trade to gain insights into their customers' experience.
As this plugin is a subscription service that can be added at the end of a consumer's purchasing journey, Viu's own brand identity needed to be present but subtle.
Creating this product was an interesting test of how stripped back the UX and UI of a product can be whilst still maintaining a user-friendly approach. 

treading a fine line between there still having a minimal bit of the viu brand whilst working in harmony with the host/existing website branding. 
Importance of not swaying the user one way of another, responsive, and works alongside any other brand e.g.opteven, or RAC
UI inspo - Airbnb. 
The issue
It is estimated that around 3.9 million people in the UK have been diagnosed with diabetes (Diabetes UK, 2019). Meaning millions of people struggle to monitor d maintain a healthy blood glucose level every single day. Cluecose+ is designed to help diabetics or carers of diabetics manage their blood sugar levels from their mobile, desktop or tablet!
The task
To create a responsive web app that is adaptive in layout whilst remaining consistent in communication and visual identity.

Designing a responsive platform brings about new design constraints, this project helps to explore and test how this can be tackled, approached and justified in the most effective way. 
To create this is the most consistent, efficient and reproducible way a design system must also be created. 
The discover, explore & define, develop and deliver stages of the
 design process are described in depth in the design report below.
 For the TL;DR version scroll on! 
See below for a video walkthrough of the Clucose+ web app on the desktop 

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