Hi there, I'm Jemima, a first-class BA Graphic Communication & Typography graduate from the University of Reading. Additionally, I gained the Examiner's Award for my User Experience Design & Editorial Design Practice modules while studying at Reading.
My interest in UX was ignited after thoroughly enjoying design sprints led by the BBC and IBM, both led by Reading graduates — I was pleased to hear!
I find myself constantly noticing poor or excellent user experience design choices, whether that be on digital applications and websites, car interfaces, or physical products. Designing a product that can positively impact and improve people's daily lives is what I love about user experience design.
I’ve found designing for a varied range of users, such as young children, visually impaired users, or the older generation, particularly rewarding; which I’ve demonstrated in my design portfolio and dissertation, which investigated how we can improve the usability, UX, and UI of mobile banking apps for the older generation.
Recently, I've been working as a digital designer in Bristol. I've hit the ground running, user journey mapping for Nespresso and JTI. In particular, I'm enjoying working on a large dashboard UX project, which helps thousands of employees and managers delegate and track complex tasks and understand what actions must be taken next in order to mature their business.
In my spare time, you can find me browsing through art galleries, cooking for friends, cuddling up with my dog, or spending weekends by the sea.
Please find my C.V. below:  
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